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Chat - One home for your task force's communication

TaskTag let's you chat with your teams so that everyone is up-to-date in real time. Reduce the frustration of using complicated construction software to manage and communicate crews. Send simple updates, assign tasks, and request job photos from contractors all within the chat feature.


Search - No more wondering where things are

Find yourself looking for project documents and scrolling through hundreds of images to find the right one? TaskTag's search feature allows you to quickly find files related to projects. Every file, photo, invoice, or video is stored in one app.

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Tags - The new way to automatically organize

We all struggle to organize updates, photos, and files to specific tasks and projects. Our tagging feature allows you to properly organize these by simply adding a hashtag to the end of a message. You never have to spend hours organizing again. Let the app do the work for you to address all your construction management needs.

TaskTag offers

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TaskTag’s unique hashtagging feature automatically assigns updates to whichever project you need to. Have a plumber working 4 jobs? Just type an update and tag it to the associated project.

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Does your crew have everything they need to get the project done on time? Are questions being answered in a timely and efficient way? TaskTag helps keep your team on the same page with projects and tasks.

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File storage

Send photos, PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, invoices, and more--without the hassle of email. By simply adding a tag in a chat update, files are automatically linked to projects and tasks.

TaskTag helps

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Home builders

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Assign tasks

Communicate with vendors

View project photos

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Update project status

Clarify project scope

Get scheduled for jobs

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Receive updates

Communicate with homeowner

Manage timeline

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